What If I Can’t Afford a Drug or Alcohol Inpatient Program

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When people arrive at the realization that they need help to treat a drug or alcohol addiction, they often want to start an inpatient rehabilitation program immediately. However, sometimes, the cost of even county inpatient alcohol and drug programs can seem expensive to many. What if you truly want to break the cycle of alcohol or drug abuse but can’t afford a private or luxury inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program? Thankfully, there are many options available that can make drug and alcohol inpatient programs more affordable and accessible to those of virtually all income levels.

What If I Can’t Afford a Drug or Alcohol Inpatient Program?

Especially in a troubled economy, the thought of attending expensive drug or alcohol inpatient programs can seem daunting. Regardless of your finances, the truth is that you can’t afford not to get sober. Beyond the actual costs of drug or alcohol use, added health care costs from addiction, and potential legal fees, your priceless health and life weigh in the balance. Keep in mind that while finances certainly matter when considering inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, some levels of chemical dependency need the time, support, and expertise of inpatient rehabilitation to cure.

Ways to Financially Afford Drug or Alcohol Inpatient Programs

Here are just a few ways that you can make your inpatient drug or alcohol program affordable, even in the wake of financial stress.

  • Obtain a Private or Bank Loan
    While you may not have much remaining credibility in dealing financially with loved ones, assure them that they can help you afford rehab by paying the inpatient rehab center directly. Additionally, you may look into securing a bank loan if your credit is still intact. While many of us desire to “go it alone,” your sobriety is the best investment you’ll ever make.
  • Ask About Financing Options
    Many alcohol and drug treatment centers will allow payments to be split up, making the investment more affordable. You may also ask about scalable rates for rehab and ask the drug and alcohol recovery programs you contact what their financial assistance options and advice are to prospective patients having trouble with cost.
  • Take Advantage of Alcohol or Drug Educational Services
    Alcohol and drug dependency education is one of the core components of outpatient alcohol or drug recovery programs. These educational programs explore the cycles of chemical dependency and the physical components of drug or alcohol addictions. Additionally, these classes teach outpatient clients new ways of thinking and approaching their sober lives.
  • Attend Medical Detox
    Regardless of how you approach your rehab experience, you should never attempt unsupervised detox. Find a detox facility staffed with medical professionals to ensure your mental and physical health during the withdrawal process.
  • Seek Addiction Counseling
    A private therapist can be helpful in helping you discover the root cause for your alcohol and drug addiction. While you will not receive the same environmental support you would in inpatient therapy, you can still seek out your reason for chemical dependency and obtain healing.
  • Consider an Outpatient Drug or Alcohol Rehab Program
    Outpatient drug or alcohol rehab centers provide a viable alternative for those who can’t afford a drug or alcohol inpatient program and want more structure than just attending meetings. Outpatient treatment programs are designed to provide only absolutely necessary recovery services, without the cost of 24 hour care. Many outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs focus heavily on group therapy sessions. Though they tend to have lower success rates than inpatient rehab programs, some patients find that they can learn a great deal from other people’s drug and alcohol abuse experiences in group therapy.
  • Assemble Your Own Addiction Team
    Where there’s a will for sobriety, there’s a way to find the path to freedom. Find an inpatient rehab center that has a high success rate, and assemble a team of doctors, alternative medicine providers, therapists, nutritionists and spiritual advisors to provide you with the services you need. Remember that you will have to foster open communication among all parties, and hold yourself accountable for your own healing.
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