Treating Yourself to Small Rewards at Home

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Recovery is more than simply a journeyit's a noteworthyaccomplishment and a testament to your strength and hard work. While manypreviously dependent people manage to take time and space for enjoyment withinthe structure of inpatient treatment facilities, it can be easy to overlookthese rewards upon returning home. With a little preparation and creativity,you can create small rewards at home to celebrate your accomplishments andmotivate yourself as you approach challenges and goals on the horizon.

Reward Yourself With Acts of Self Care

So many times, we get wrapped up in our goals andaccomplishments, or the responsibilities of every day, and forget to take goodcare of ourselves. Create rewards and mini-celebrations when you accomplishsomething you're proud of. Draw a long, hot bubble bath with scentedaromatherapy oils, light candles and read by candlelight, or brew yourself anexotic cup of tea. Make sure to also take space and time for meditation, settingup a cozy corner of your home or backyard as a dedicated space where youandonly youcan think, meditate or simply just be.

Reward Yourself With Opportunities for Creativity

After a long week of working or caring for others, let your creative juices flow. Set aside time to write in a journal, create poetry or pen a fictional short story. Work with your hands as you listen to music, whether that entails craft art like crocheting and knitting or building furniture from raw materials. Take time to experiment with recipes in the kitchen, or simply sit down with finger paints or a sketchbook, letting creativity be your guide.

Reward Yourself With Periods of Pure Pleasure

Sometimes our puritanical society deemphasizes the need tosimply enjoy each day. There is truly no shame in experiencing pure pleasure.  Reveling in activities that please you canresult in heightened creative thought and better productive thinking in thelong run. Sit down with a crossword or sudoku puzzle, play video games withfriends, or simply sit down and savor each bite of ice cream on a hot day.Allow yourself permission to experience the radiant colors of a sunset, orhuddle up under a blanket with your favorite magazine on a cold day.

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