True recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction touches us on the deepest level–bringing healing and perspective to our spirits as well as our minds and bodies. Whether or not you identify as religious, you can find a spiritual dimension to your addiction recovery that offers strength, perspective and inner peace. In recovery, spirituality allows us to find a deeper sense of purpose in our addiction experience and sober life, inspiring us to find deeper healing, further life lessons, higher self worth and the strength to give back to others.

Religion & Recovery

Whether you’re returning to your childhood church after addiction, or have found a deeper faith through your recovery experience, religion can solidify the tenants of your sobriety. Through the lessons of scripture, the comfort of sacred ritual, and earnest prayer, you can find both daily strength and a wider perspective of your place in the world. Whether you identify as Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Bahá’í, Sober Place offers dedicated perspectives and practical ways to incorporate your religious beliefs into your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Meditation & Visualization

By clearing the mind of extraneous thoughts and momentary worries, meditation allows us to find a deeper sense of self awareness. Through meditation, we can find peace of mind, focusing on healing thoughts that fortify our sobriety. Visualization techniques can also be paired with meditation and deep breathing, allowing us to imagine our target futures, calm anxiety and restore a sense of hope and purpose to our lives.

Personal Power

In the throes of alcohol or drug addiction, we often find ourselves feeling powerless. However, as we heal through drug or alcohol rehabilitation, we can rediscover a sense of personal power that can help us in our sober future. By recognizing our abilities, strengthening our sense of self, and learning to rely on our inner strength and intuition, we can find the strength and grace to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

Building Character Through Recovery

The journey to sobriety brings us face to face with the choices we made in addiction. However, recovery from alcohol and drug addiction can also bring us an opportunity to develop higher levels of character in our lives. By treating ourselves and others with dignity, honesty, fairness and kindness, we can live lives beyond the impulsivity and self-gratification that addiction wrought. As we learn from our experiences and commit ourselves to gold standards of behavior, we will find ourselves exhibiting patience, forgiveness, and integrity in each interaction.

Positive Thinking & Addiction

Behind many drug and alcohol addictions is the belief that we simply cannot function or cope without drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, due to past mistreatment, tragedy, and inner pain, we may have come to expect defeat and failure–both from ourselves and the world around us. Positive thinking can help break these cycles of negative thought that have contributed to our addictions. By readjusting our self-views and world-views, we can turn challenges into possibilities and embark on the opportunities life presents us with in sobriety.

Finding Balance in Sobriety

Drug addiction and alcoholism tend to be all-consuming. In the midst of addiction, there is little time to find balance in our lives or set priorities that tend to all aspects of our being. Sober living hinges on the notion of balance–acknowledging each part of ourselves as worthy of attention. Once we achieve balance in our sober lives, we become better able to create healthy boundaries with others, take better care of ourselves, and strike healthy proportions between giving out and giving inward.

Sober Inspiration

Whether as a daily meditation, a springboard for reflection, or a comfort during challenging times, sober inspiration can help readjust our thought lives towards a positive, healing mindset. At Sober Place, we offer pieces of sober inspiration to encourage, empower and edify readers as they explore the spiritual side of addiction recovery.