Addiction can compromise our most important relationships–from our bonds with friends and family to our intimate relationship with significant others. While recovery from alcohol or drug addiction begins with our own inner healing, it can pave the way for us to mend–and sometimes even strengthen–broken relationships.

Sober Place brings you facts, wisdom and perspectives on marriage, dating relationships, friendships, and family counseling as they relate to drug and alcohol addiction. We include targeted advice for those facing relationship conflicts, dealing with divorce, or navigating their way through addiction issues singular to the GLBT community. Sober Place’s Relationships focus also offers a wealth of resources for those supporting a loved one through the addiction recovery process.

Romantic Relationships & Addiction

Romance takes on a whole new meaning as we enter a life of sobriety. Instead of addiction-fueled relationships marked by infidelity, avoidance, secrecy, and unhealthy exchanges, we can begin to forge romances that reflect our newfound values. From exiting toxic relationships and changing codependency patterns to learning to negotiate relationship conflicts and engender true intimacy, Sober Place covers a host of relationship topics for those who have struggled with addiction–and their significant others.

Addiction & Parenting

Parenting can be a difficult job–especially when addiction comes to light. From relevant, contemporary articles on talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol to primers on identifying addictions and seeking treatment for children and teenagers, we offer practical advice for concerned parents. We also offer guidance for parents facing drug or alcohol addictions themselves–from explaining your rehab stay to kids to rebuilding trust in your parent-child relationships.

Addiction in the Family

When addiction hits home, it can feel as if your family foundations are crumbling. However, families can provide the most healing and pivotal support for drug or alcohol addicted individuals as they recover. Sober Place offers addiction resources for parents, siblings, and children touched by alcoholism and drug addiction of their family members, presenting avenues for healing and actionable advice. Whether you’re seeking coping mechanisms for your family while a relative attends rehab, or healing the past through family counseling sessions, we offer empathetic and realistic guidance for family issues you may encounter as you or a loved one make the transition from addiction to sobriety.

Supporting Friends in Recovery

Watching a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction can be heartbreaking. Supporters struggle with issues of balancing love, acceptance and aid for the addicted individual, while avoiding actions that may serve to enable addiction. Over the course of a friend’s addiction, relationships can become strained by breaches of trust, lying, denial, and isolation. At Sober Place, we offer guidance in learning healthy supportive techniques for friends dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as ways to strengthen your relationship after addiction treatment has been completed.

GLBT Addiction Issues

Drug and alcohol addiction touch the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities as well. From the stress of the coming out process to the sometimes painful issues of identity and prejudice that members of the GLBT community face, alcohol and drugs can provide a temporary escape. At Sober Place, we empathize with the unique struggles of the GLBT community, and endeavor to provide support and practical advice for those with alternative lifestyles who seek to overcome substance addiction. Whether you’re seeking healthy community interactions outside of the gay club scene, or learning to trust a partner again after years of addiction, we offer resources that acknowledge the earnestness and diversity of GLBT individuals embarking on a sober life.

Breakups, Divorce & Addiction

Some relationships unfortunately do not weather the storm of addiction. Others fall casualty to breakup and divorce, deeply affecting one or both parties who turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with heartbreak. For those with children, breakups and divorce can mean a set of new challenges during sobriety–including child custody issues, co-parenting negotiations, and bringing healing and closure to past spousal relationships. Whether you’re facing the end of a relationship, or seeking to overcome the pain of a separation, Sober Place takes a compassionate, practical and hopeful take on surviving the close of relationships while opening the door to a more enriched and fulfilled sober life.

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