Overcoming Trust Issues in Your Relationships

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Many of us desire high levels of trust in our relationships, but sometimes, past experiences or lingering hurt can get in the way of intimacy. Sometimes, the existence of an alcohol or drug addiction can break trust within a relationship, as secrecy and the drive to use or drink lead to emotional pain in our partners and families. For this reason, uncovering the root cause of an alcohol or drug dependency can lead us to find the freedom to trust our partners—and to begin to restore trust in us that has been broken.

Overcoming Trust Issues in Your Relationships

When trust no longer exists in a relationship, we often have trouble envisioning it healed. Betrayal of any kind in a relationship causes feelings of hopelessness, leading many people to abandon their relationships entirely when trust is broken. If both parties desire healing, trust can be rebuilt over time. Here are just a few best practices for overcoming trust issues—in yourself or your partner—to foster greater intimacy and stronger relationships.

  • Open Communication
    Open and free flowing communication is fundamental to relationships. Oftentimes, people get so wrapped up in their own needs and pressures that they forget to listen to their partners. Even when partners have a difficult time trusting, communication can foster the development of trust, as each partner shares their thoughts, desires and motivations.
  • Embrace a Spirit of Honesty
    Honesty is the foundation of relationships on which trust is based. When people are honest with each other, trust comes naturally, as well. Avoid lies and important omissions. When we consistently hear the truth from our partners in a loving manner, there is no room for jealousy and no reason for emotional walls.
  • Set Relationship Goals
    As you build or rebuild trust, it’s important to make sure that both individuals share a similar vision for the relationship so that neither partner feels misled. Hold a frank discussion about what you want and don’t want from the relationship.
  • Deal With Your Past
    One of the most common sources of our trust issues usually is our past experience. Ensure that you deal with any lingering childhood abuse, abandonment issues or pain over prior relationships. Individualized talk therapy and hypnotherapy provided in inpatient recovery programs can release us from buried emotional pain, allowing us to better trust our partners—and be more trustworthy in return.
  • Seek Out Positive Interactions
    It’s important to have fun, smile and laugh with each other while continuing to develop trust between partners. Go out and do the things you love together. Positive interactions allow a couple to remember why they became a couple in the first place.

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