Making Your Own Inspirational Music Playlist

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Music soothes the body, lifts the soul, and inspires the mind to a focused state of heightened creativity and concentration. As you begin to build your sober environment at home, it helps to incorporate the use of music to create a positive, healing environment. By creating an inspirational music playlist, you can easily play preselected songs that foster healing and prepare you for life’s adventures.

Listening to Your Personal Inspirational Music Playlist

Once you have gathered together the songs you like, you cantransfer them to an MP3 player or a CD. Listen to your inspirational playlistbefore job interviews, tough conversations, or during challenging periods ofyour life for an instant pick-me-up. You can also incorporate your playlistinto your daily life, to motivate you at the gym or soothe you as you drivethrough traffic.

Tips for Creating Your Own Inspirational Music Playlist

  • Pay attention to lyrics.
    Avoid songs with negative messagesabout women, other races, criminal activity, or alcohol and drug consumption.Remember that these messages permeate your subconscious and can have alingering effect on your attitudes.
  • Include soundtracks from films and musicals.
    An oftenoverlooked inclusion in personal playlists aresongs from classic filmsand musicals. From Rocky Balboa’s fight songs to internationally renownedmusicals like Les Miserables, selections from inspirational stories can inspireand energize the body and soul.
  • Find classical musical you love.
    Classical music has been shown toincrease memory recall and foster calm and concentration. Look for pieces thatsuit your personality, such as Mozart for peaceful melodies or Rachmaninov fordramatic arrangements.
  • Include eclectic musical selections.
    New age, international music orindie songs tend to have deep spiritual messages and sounds associated withthem. These selections tend to be philosophical in nature and create calmingrhythms in the body and mind.
  • Choose upbeat songs.
    From sporting events to intenseworkouts, upbeat songs can have an optimistic, motivating effect. Choose a fewsongs from hip-hop, pop, or Motown greats to add energy to your mood throughoutthe day.
  • Listen to songs that evoke positive memories.
    Whether youinclude songs from your wedding day, senior year in high school, or memorabletrips to the beach, select songs that will remind you of good times and inspireyou to create even more memories in the future.
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