Five Great Sober Date Ideas

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Many dependent individuals find alcohol and drug use eventually becomes a staple in their romantic endeavors. This can lead to a host of consequences, including relational difficulties, interpersonal misunderstandings, needless disagreements and problems with sexual performance. After recovery, formerly dependent individuals can experience fullness in dating by choosing activities that are alcohol and drug free.

Five Great Sober Date Ideas to Build Romance

Here are a few exciting date ideas for singles, that double as fun celebrations for married couples too.

  • Take a trip into nature.
    Some of the most romantic dates take place in a natural setting. Bring out your bicycles for a ride out in the country followed by a grassy picnic. Get up early to hike through the hills and watch a romantic sunrise together. Pack up some fishing gear and head out on the water, or spend an evening around a quiet campfire, toasting marshmallows.
  • Experience creative culture together.
    Virtually every community offers local cultural festivities that can make great alternatives to the old dinner-and-a-movie dates. Head out to see a local Shakespeare play or visit an art museum in the nearest metropolitan area. Inquire about musical events, such as attending the symphony in formal wear, listening to a folk or bluegrass festival, or experiencing musical performances from outside cultures.
  • Head out on a romantic adventure.
    Adventure activities can offer bonding experiences for first dates, or reintroduce a carefree spirit into tried and true relationships. Head out for a guided tour of a river during a day of rafting, take a skydiving or rock climbing lesson, or simply head out for a day of sailing together.
  • Play hometown tourists for a day.
    Many of us live in an exciting city for years without ever experiencing its main attractions. Pair up with your date and pretend to be tourists for the day, visiting museums, landmarks and notable local restaurants.
  • Hit the dance floor.
    Few things bring people together quite like music on a dance floor. Make dates to attend all-ages clubs that tend to be alcohol-free. Take a dance class together, learning ballroom, swing, or salsa dancing.
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