Finding True Recovery After a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Relapse

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After a drug or alcohol addiction relapse, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve failed yourself and those around you. However, relapse does not indicate your future success in eliminating drug or alcohol addiction from your life. It simply indicates that you need addiction treatment that identifies and fully resolves the psychological and physiological reasons for your particular addiction. Each person’s life story, history, and body chemistry is unique—and “one size fits all” addiction solutions tend to have success rates that indicate a high rate of relapse. However, finding true recovery after a drug or alcohol addiction relapse is more than possible—with the proper care, assistance and expertise, you can find a full and complete cure from your addiction.

Finding True Recovery After a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Relapse

It’s no secret that alcohol and drugs—when consumed in high frequency and quantities—will trigger a physical addiction. However, if physical addiction were the largest hurdle, every dependent individual who successfully detoxes would stay sober. Finding true recovery after a drug or alcohol addiction relapse always entails dealing with the underlying drive to use drugs or alcohol—often fueled by unique, unresolved emotional, psychological or chemical issues. If you or a loved one has relapsed recently after drug or alcohol addiction treatment, here are a few tactics for finding true and lasting recovery.

  • Believe in a Complete Cure
    You will perpetually view relapse as necessary part of the addiction cycle until you come to believe fully in a complete cure. While the addiction industry has perpetuated the myth of “once an addict, always an addict,” this simply is not the case—as evidenced by those who overcome alcoholism and drug addiction without a continued drive towards addiction. Seek out an addiction treatment program staffed with doctors and therapists who believe your alcoholism or drug addiction can be cured—and are dedicated to resolving it.
  • Model the Success People
    Form relationships with people who have already found their drug or alcohol addiction cure. Ask for referrals or testimonials of successfully treated individuals from any treatment center you consider. Remind yourself of your ability to recover, and surround yourself with those who are living emotionally and physically healthy lives. They will serve to inspire you, support you, and encourage you during your recovery experience.
  • Focus on the Future
    Especially after a drug or alcohol addiction relapse, you may find yourself pessimistic about your situation. Envision the future life you wish to have after alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Remind yourself of the freedom that sobriety brought prior to your addiction, and aim for an even richer life after inpatient rehab.
  • Seek More Effective Treatment
    The truth is that holistic approaches tend to garner better success rates in alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Look for a treatment center that focuses on the individual, by providing a customized treatment plan with one-on-one counseling, diagnostic testing, alternative therapies, nutritional guidance and spiritual support. A holistic approach will help you pinpoint and resolve the underlying causes of your drug or alcohol addiction, to ensure a relapse-free future.

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