Creating a Safe Place for Healing

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Whether dependent individuals select the reprieve of aninpatient treatment program or outpatient services, the first site of healing isoften a recovery program or treatment center. By nature, many recovery centersattempt to create a safe psychological and physical space where dependentindividuals can relax, detoxify, and zero in on root causes that may havecontributed to dependency.

Creating Your Own Safe Place for Healing After Dependency

While treatment centers provide a safe and healthyenvironment conducive to alcohol and drug recovery, you can carry this sense ofsafety home with you. As human beings, we evolve daily, finding greatermeasures of strength and healing. In order to protect the progress you've made,you may want to consider the following tactics for creating a safe place afteryou've found freedom from dependency.

  • Eliminate Negative People
    If you have experienced physical,sexual or emotional abuse in your living situation, talk to a counselor or confidanteand make a plan to move out immediately. Also, separate yourself from anyonewho is currently dependent upon or dealing drugs, and anyone who exhibits otherunhealthy behaviors.
  • Reduce Triggers
    Talk to your partner, family orroommates about collaborating on new house rules, such as the removal ofalcohol from the house. Also remove any memorabilia, clothing, or decorationsthat seem to signify your dependent self.
  • Nurture Yourself
    During periods of dependency, individuals tend to neglect their overall physical health. Make sure to stock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables and proteins. Take a tea sampling excursion and place a variety of herbal teas in your cupboard to aid relaxation and focus. Create a dedicated meditation space in your home or garden, using pillows, mats, stones, fabrics or wind chimes.
  • Create a Positive Sensory Environment
    Creating a truly positiveenvironment involves both sensory and psychological components. Create a senseof safety with comfy quilts, scented candles and warm lighting. Decorate your homewith feng shui principles of balance, or hang inspiring art in areas of thehome you frequently pass. Write positive affirmations on sticky notes and placethem on mirrors throughout the house or on the refrigerator to remind you ofyour worth.
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